Smart lock for outdoor gate

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That way you can see who your visitors are at all times.

smart lock for outdoor gate

Guest Pin Codes Never worry about losing keys again. The Gate app lets you assign PIN codes to people you trust so they can come and go without a key. Friends or family? With the Gate app, you can control access to your door from wherever you are. Two-way Intercom Greet your guests. Start a conversation. In-app Notifications Be notified when visitors and family arrive safely. Anytime the doorbell or keypad is used, Gate sends a message to your smartphone.

Emergency Dispatch Service Send help in an emergency. Safety concerns? Open your Gate app and press the emergency button to immediately dispatch the police to your home. A Super Safe Investment. Thousands of Happy Customers and Counting.Longtime no post and all that, been moving and renovating a house from the ground up for the last 6 months so ive not had time to be tinkering… however its been a blessing to renovate a home with the preperation for smart tech, this time round we will be going all out with more cool ideas.

SMART LOCKS - most seem to be made for your typical front door, weatherproof on one side and the other side expected to be inside… however i have a large wooden gated entrance to the side of my home i want to put a smart lock on….

Does anyone know of a smart lock that would suit this type of case study, its to be attatched to a large wooden gate outside with both sides exposed to the weather…. Edit: It costs more but if I did it again I would use two single relay modules rather than the dual version I currently have.

Sounds like a fantastic solution but possibly more complex that i may need… or maybe im wrong and youve hit it on the head. I have a Ring Doorbell to go on the gate setup also, this large gate is before our front door - so its good for us because we can stop people reaching the house, so we have purchased a ring doorbell as our point of interaction with people at the otherside of the gate. In terms of locks i dont there for need one with an inbuilt doorbell and nor a keypad really however if its just as easy id be happy to adopt a keypad instead of key lock - its cool and useful i guess.

I think you have hit the nail on the head, i just need to find Sparky mate who can put this together for me because my tinkering is very limited hence looking origonally for a plug and play option, but i agree this will work better. Just needs a smart relay attached to the push button input to unlock remotely.

Does the lock remain released as you hold the button, or does it relock after a few seconds quickly even when held. The mag lock has a dry contact signal to confirm the magnet is actually engaged and secure. This is exactlyyyyy the style and type of gate i hve and the route im going to take now. As for knowing if the gte is open or closed you could atttched an open close sensor to know the gates state.

I also have that Sensative strips but the gate can be 5mm ajar, enough to tell the strip the gate is closed but not enough for the magnet to engage. Hi RobinWinbourne This is nearly the same as my gate setup.

Mine hinges on the right yours is left from the secure area and my garage hinges on the garage. So ideally I could put power supply in garage. I can see no wires in your set up. How is it wired up in your setup? Thanks Bob. The timber post is bolted to my garage wall, wires go through the side of the post straight into the garage where I have the control box mounted. I could rehinge from the other side easily enough as the mounting posts are of identical width.

Something for me to think about now. Also, drilling into the garage from such a low level will be difficult. Re-hinging the gate is a good option but puts a lot of extra strain on the fence post. Make sure your post is strong enough with a good foundation. The gate posts are bolted to the house and garage walls so should take the load ok.

I would like to have it as neat as yours with no wires showing. Would you kind enough to share the different relay that you would have used?


I would like to replicate the setup and a buy list would be awesome! Could you post links to buy? Has anyone ever successfully used an August lock outside, perhaps by putting in an iron overhang around the lock to protect it from the elements? Connected Things. AutomateEverything Kyle December 31,pm 1. Hello All Longtime no post and all that, been moving and renovating a house from the ground up for the last 6 months so ive not had time to be tinkering… however its been a blessing to renovate a home with the preperation for smart tech, this time round we will be going all out with more cool ideas Whoch leads me to a question… SMART LOCKS - most seem to be made for your typical front door, weatherproof on one side and the other side expected to be inside… however i have a large wooden gated entrance to the side of my home i want to put a smart lock on… Does anyone know of a smart lock that would suit this type of case study, its to be attatched to a large wooden gate outside with both sides exposed to the weather… Kind regards Kyle.

RobinWinbourne December 30,pm 2.The traditional padlock is one of those timeless designs which is both functional and effective in equal measure. So how do you improve on the tried and tested formula for everyday security in a way that brings the key features see what we did there? Well, the latest iterations of bluetooth padlock solutions and smart padlocks aim to do just that, partnering modern smart tech and remote connectivity with the traditional mechanisms and utility of the humble padlock.

Perfect for everyday application in both outdoor and indoor uses, the latest smart padlocks mean losing your keys is a thing of the past. The locks that make into our shortlist have been assessed based on the level of connected features built into the device connectivity options, app interface, tracking etc as well as the size of the device and the effectiveness at getting the job done as effectively as possible.

Gone are the days of needing to locate keys or remember a combination, simply use your smartphone with the companion app to unlock this smart padlock and your valuables from anywhere. What makes this indoor smart padlock even better is the ability to grant either temporary or permanent access to the lock to other users, perfect for sharing access with family when required.

Use a Bluetooth enabled Android or iOS device to unlock this smart padlock without the need for manual intervention. Made of hardened steel and boron, the Noke Keyless Bluetooth Smart Padlock is both hard wearing and water resistant, making it the perfect smart choice for use outdoors, whatever the weather.

Shipped with a long lasting battery, the Noke Smart Padlock should be good upon startup for up to a year before the power source needs replacing. We particularly appreciate the inclusion of a rechargeable battery and charging cable with a life of up to 2 years, meaning that you can always be sure that power is maintained when protecting your possessions with this connected bluetooth padlock.

Offering durable design and weather resistance in the form of a molded exterior and weather-proofed internal components, the Master Lock Outdoor Bluetooth Smart Padlock is an excellent element-ready alternative to its indoor sibling see above and is the perfect solution for locking anything from gates and arages, to sheds and tool chests.

The Master Outdoor Bluetooth Smart Padlock again allows the user to access the lock remotely using a smartphone app and is capable of sending notifications and alerts regarding security threats or low battery status when applicable. In terms of additional connectivity features, the Master Outdoor Smart Padlock also has the functionality to share either temporary or permanent access to the lock for guests, allowing them to use either Bluetooth or a keypad code to unlock when required.

The LockSmart Mini is a bluetooth padlock which features a number of smart tech innovations contained within a highly compact, hardened shell. Keyless security and access via bit advanced encryption Bluetooth connectivity means you can lock and unlock the device directly from a paired Bluetooth enabled mobile device. Wherever you want to deploy the LockSmart around your home, you can be sure that this smart bluetooth padlock up for the job with a hardened steel shackle a weatherproof, zinc alloy body for surviving the elements outdoors.

If you travel often, then a padlock for your luggage becomes one of those essential pieces on your packing itinerary. The days of relying on small sets of easily losable keys and tiny combination dials are a thing of the past with the eGeeTouch Smart Travel Lock which is looking to remove a layer of stress from the business of traveling with locked luggage.

smart lock for outdoor gate

This TSA approved travel smart lock offers both peace of mind for the security of your luggage, alongside an incredible ease of use when you actually need to get at your stuff. One of the coolest features of the eGeeTouch is the inclusion of proximity tracking on the lock which allows you to receive notifications if your bag leaves a preset distance from your current location. The best smart padlocks and bluetooth padlock options in general need to combine durability and a wide-ranging smart feature set with a practical size that makes them inconspicuous and suitable for use in a range of situations.

While many locks tend to excel in a few of these areas, the use case for each bluetooth lock will determine the most suitable solution for your particular needs when it comes to assessing the best smart padlocks on the market.

Does your smart padlock need to function outdoors? How do you want to be able to communicate with your smart padlock when it comes to locking and unlocking? All of these factors will ultimately influence the decision when settling on your final pick, and it may be that if your needs vary across different areas of your home, that a couple of different bluetooth smart lock devices will be your best bet, allocating the most suitable smart lock options to appropriate tasks.

We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Continue reading if you're happy with our Privacy Policy OK. Necessary Always Enabled.This solution is great for anywhere you want to restrict access, but also want voice and remote control. This Smart Gate Lock System is perfect for a variety of applications where access control is needed.

How to Lock Outdoor Gates – Gate Lock Options

Pairing this gate lock with a smart doorbell is a great way to see who is there and control access all from your smart phone or and Echo Show or Dot.

Check out this article for my favorite smart doorbell. I have found a way using 2 products to have the ability to remotely control gate access with your smart phone or virtual assistant.

The information regarding setting up the Go-Control module can still be found at the end of this article. The Bulldog gate lock includes a keypad that mounts outside the gate and a switch that looks like a garage door button that mounts inside the gate.

We will connect the Z-Wave relay to the same wires you connect the button to, this way the button and the relay can both activate the lock. This gives you 3 ways to unlock the gate, the keypad, button or the Z-Wave Relay. To use the relay, you will need a smart home hub that works with Z-Wave devices.

If you already have one great, if not, click here check out my review of the best smart home hub for Alexa. Installing the gate lock is pretty simple. The lock bolts to the gate, while a receiver attaches to the stationary part of the fence next to the gate. Next, you will have to install the keypad on the outside of the gate.

This should be close because the time to open the gate can only be set between 1 and 9 seconds before it will lock again.

A wire connects the lock to the keypad. The last step is to locate the button on the inside of the gate. This could be mounted directly to the inside of the fence, or on a nearby building or post. Remember you will be running a wire from the keypad to the button.

The Bulldog lock is powered by 4 AA batteries in the keypad. If you use either of the options below you need to use rechargeable batteries in the keypad. I suggest getting a power adapter that can be installed inside of a weatherproof enclosure. The power terminals are where you will connect the 12V power supply to power the relay. You will have to cut the plug off the 12V power supply cable to attach the wires to the relay module.

The relay has a small jumper P5 shown below in the wiring diagram. This sets the mode of the relay to momentary, meaning it only turns on when you tell it to. Or to Latching where it turns on and stays on until you tell it to turn off. For our use we want to remove the jumper to use the relay in momentary mode. The relay and power supply need to be protected from the weather and the electrical connections should be made inside of a junction box.The commonly available automatic access gates for your driveway are excellent for added security and peace of mind with their keypad and telephone access.

That being said they are almost all left behind in terms of convenience when compared to the latest versions that have been brought into the smart phone era with connectivity, apps and deep integrations with other smart home devices.

Integrated Accessories:. Driveway access gates are already an expensive item for your home's security. Why not bring it into the 21st century with some technology to help you mange access, keep track of activity and integrate it into your entire home's security system all from the smart phone in your pocket?

Below are a few of your choices on the market ranked in general from the easiest to use to some that will require a little more hands on and troubleshooting:. The WiFi enabled iSmartGate Pro system can control up to 3 separate gates if you only need 1 go with the Lite version. It operates using weatherproof sensors, optional video cameras and is attached via a few wires to your current gate system compatibility check here.

Connectivity : Wi-Fi Good For : Those who already have a Liftmaster myQ enabled gate and those who are not very handy and don't want to mess with wiring This just plugs into your home router.

smart lock for outdoor gate

The LM gateway device lets you remotely monitor and control your gates from anywhere using your iPhone or Android devices. It installs directly next to your home router and works with the following Liftmaster Gate Models:. Additional Notes: You can control up to 16 myQ devices with this so if you have gates, garage door and lights could be a great fit.

Also works with Key by Amazon which lets you authorize deliveries. If you already own a Z-Wave enabled smart home hub like SmartThings or Wink, adding a Z-Wave relay to your gate could be a quick and cheap way to make your gate smart and integrate it with the rest of your home automation systems. Connectivity: GSM Cellular Good For : Good for gates that are located a long distance from Wi-Fi network and those that only need simple open close and phone number control.

Also comes with an optional Wi-fi module that lets you do additional programming and use an app on your phone. Optional keyfob can be added so you can use from inside your house or have on you in your pocket. PDF Manual. At the moment if you are looking for a new sliding automatic entry gate with smart technology your best bets are:.

At the moment these models do not seem to be released to public purchase yet. Do you already have a handle or deadbolt hole? Additional features include a keypad that can support up to users and a version with a fingerprint reader.Skip to main content. Gate Locks. Some colors are Prime eligible. FREE Shipping on eligible orders. Practice Lock Set 9 pcs Transparent Locks.

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Best Smart Locks For Outdoor Gate 2020

Diana Trade. Include Out of Stock. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime.Residential, community and commercial gates can be secured in a variety of ways. Which is best depends on the type of gate you have, what you are trying to achieve by locking the gate and your budget. Have you been using a padlock to secure your gates? Padlocks, if not bought carefully, can easily be cut or pried off — as can the chain or hasp that is holding them.

Outdoor gates can be secured using several alternate methods. Padlocks, keyed latches, deadbolts, levers, chain, and keyless locks can all be used. First, the gate is outside.

Whatever lock is put on needs to be weather resistant. We know of several home owners that installed home electronic door locks on their outdoor gate. Only one side of a residential electronic lock is weather resistant. The part of the lock that is normally inside the home, is not. Putting these locks on gate results in a quick failure of the lock.

Second is the configuration of the gateespecially if the gate is old or a chain link fence. All gate locking solutions that we are discussing require that the swing-side of the gate be close to the stationary post of the gate.

Any locking mechanism need to cross this open gap for the gate to be able to secure. On many old gates, the gap is too wide and major modification will be needed when it is. Depending on the gate, this distance will likely need to be less than one inch. For gates with steel square tubing where a gate box will be installed, a locksmith can close the distance when welding in the gate box.

The measurement of this gap should always be taken into consideration when shopping for a solution. Third, does a gate box need to be installed? Some of the available products for locking gates do not require a gate box to be installed. A gate box is a box that is welded or otherwise secured to the gate. The box is specifically milled to properly secure the type of lock you are installing.

You will not need a gate box if you are using a keyed latch, hasp or a good durable chain with padlock. Most local locksmiths carry the welder needed to weld to steel and can install the gate box and lock to the gate for you.

Lastly, do you need a gate closer? When modifying your gate, you most likely will want the gate to close automatically so that when it latches the gate will be locked.

If the gate does not have a current gate closer, a kant-slam gate closer, springs or a pneumatic gate closer will need to be purchased and installed. Gate closer pricing varies wildly depending on what you want to purchase, you can find the prices of almost all options on Amazon here. Again, your local locksmith can assist with this installation.

smart lock for outdoor gate

If the gate already closes on its own, you are all set. Chain link fences can be the most difficult to add after market locks to. A standard steel welder cannot weld to the galvanized metal used in chain link fences and your local locksmith will most likely only have a standard welder.

So that eliminates the possibility to install a gate box and thus eliminates a number of options you might of otherwise had. For this reason, if the gate was not fabricated with another lock in mind, most people just use a a padlock to secure the locking hinge in place with a chain or a hasp specifically designed to use on chain link gates.

If this is the only method available to you use a secure padlock and chain.


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